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A Guide to Critical and General Violations

Critical Violations: What Are They?

The New York City Health Department labels a violation critical if it poses “a substantial risk to the public’s health.” Critical violations are more likely to contribute to the spread of food-borne illnesses and are therefore penalized with more points than a general violation. “Public health hazards” are the most serious form of critical violations. They carry the most points, and the Health Department can even use them as grounds to close a food establishment immediately.

Many critical violations have to do with safe food treatment (such as cooking certain foods at specific temperatures) and food storage (e.g., keeping perishables at a regulated refrigerated temperature). Many others, however, have to do with pest control. When it comes to pest-related issues, critical violations tend to penalize food establishments that show signs of pest infestations.


  • Evidence of rats
  • Evidence of mice
  • Presence of live cockroaches
  • Presence of filth flies and/or “FRSA” flies. These include house flies, fruit flies, and drain flies.
  • Presence of other live animals (except service animals and fish in tanks)

What to Do for Critical Violations

Critical violations can have a dramatic impact on an establishment’s food safety score. When the issue is pest-related, it’s best to call a licensed pest control company such as New York Environmental LLC. We specialize in sanitary pest control, eliminating the problem quickly, and preventing future infestations from occurring. That way, you can achieve that much-coveted A grade from the Department of Health.

General Violations: What Are They?

General violations are those that, while not as significant a risk to the public’s health, can contribute to unsanitary conditions in a food establishment. They do not carry as severe a penalty as critical violations—however, they can still make the difference between achieving and not achieving an A grade from the Department of Health.

Regarding pest control, general violations focus on pest prevention. They penalize establishments that have not implemented a preventative measure to stop infestations from occurring.


  • Facilities Not Vermin-Proof
  • Conditions Conducive to Vermin
  • Improper Sewage and Waste Disposal
  • Improper Pesticide Use
  • Use of Open Bait Stations
  • Inadequate Food Storage

What to Do for General Violations

Business owners can take many steps to secure their establishments from pests. The two most important ones are:

  1. Store Food Correctly
  2. Dispose of Waste Promptly and Properly

At New York Environmental LLC, we provide a range of consulting and preventative maintenance services to help food establishments meet the Department of Health’s criteria. We can work with you to secure your establishment and eliminate attractants for vermin.

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New York Environmental LLC specializes in pest control for food establishments. We have helped hundreds of business owners improve the conditions of their facilities and become food-safety compliant. Our work is extensive, efficient, and affordable. You can trust us to help you improve your sanitation grading so that you can avoid the hassle of re-inspections.

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